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September 12 2012


Zee To Launch new Saregamapa

Contestant in one year and a Judge in next, doesn't she feel awkward and she replies, "There have been so many contestants since morning who first congratulate me and then give audition. I feel odd sometimes but its OK. I am just a first level judge anyway and there are a lots of steps still left to climb to the top." Apart from saregamapa videos, Abhilasha apparently has her hands full at the moment. "I have sung two songs for Malamaal Weekly 2. Apart from that, I have also sung a few songs in a Marathi Film called Dombari, which will be releasing next month," she informs.

Next to follow was Darshan R.P., 20, another student of engineering. He wowed Mohan with his Carnatic number and followed it up with a lilting melody. He got a ticket, a hug, lots of blessings from Mohan, who advised him to never give up classical singing. Fabian and Darshan know each other from before, and enjoy each other?s singing. When his name was announced, Fabian ran down the red carpet singing ?Chennai-a suththi paaka poraen?.

Jury Ranjeet Rajvada said, ?The audition experience of Chandigarh was overwhelming. I think we will find more number of singing talent from Chandigarh in days to come.? ?People in abroad are more crazy for music than here and they treat the singer like a hero,? says Bishak Jyoti, who ended as second runner up in the last season of saregamapa videos.

Ashwin was among the 470 contestants who turned up at Dr. GRD College of Science on Sunday morning. Of these, 102 were shortlisted by judges from the Coimbatore Music College and 36 were chosen for the Chennai round. Once in Chennai, they will work with voice trainers and be groomed by singers who will prepare them for the big contest.

Zee TV's biggest musical show sa re ga ma pa 2012 audition was held in Kolkata on Sunday (Aug 26, 2012) at Swabhumi. The musical talent hunt show on Indian television is back in its original avatar focusing on exceptional singing quality as its USP that appeals to the younger as well as the older generations. Auditions for entry into sa re ga ma pa 2012 was held in Mohali on August 12 at Manav Mangal Smart School of Phase 10. Youths from Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and other states participated in the event to present their singing talent.

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